• Image of Decadent Body Butter Bar Enriched With Magnesium | Sweet Slumber | 80gm

Sweet Slumber is a decadent, soothing, calming, uplifting and immune boosting body moisturising bar. Formulated with a blend of six beautiful, pure essential oils such as Cedarwood, Jasmine, Petitgrain & Lemon to promote feelings of happiness, reduce anxiety & anger and help with getting a good night's sleep. It may also assist with the relaxation of nerves and muscles and be of benefit with easing stress and headaches. The fragrance is soft, a little fresh and just a little bit pretty - perfect for guys and girls.

Handmade and enriched with magnesium oil, it may also assist with magnesium deficiency, muscular cramps & relaxation.

Only pure, natural & organic ingredients have been used to create this gorgeous bar including cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, castor oil and natural vitamin E to nourish, protect and moisturise, as well as olive oil infused with calendula and chamomile to soothe and repair.

Apply daily after bathing to the entire body, avoiding sensitive areas & massage into the skin. A beautiful product to massage into your little one's body at bedtime to give them some precious one on one time, love, affection and help them drift off into a sweet slumber.

- Contains over 74% organic ingredients
- Preservative free
- Suitable for ages 2+
- Avoid use during pregnancy.

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