• Image of Decadent Body Butter Bar Enriched With Magnesium | Raw Cacao & Vanilla | 80gm

A decadent, soothing & rejuvenating body moisturising bar naturally scented with antioxidant rich organic raw cacao butter and vanilla infused olive oil. The best way to describe the delicious scent of this bar is it's very similar to a Red Tulip Easter egg!

Handmade and enriched with magnesium oil, it may assist with magnesium deficiency, muscular cramps & relaxation.

Only pure, natural & organic ingredients have been used to create this gorgeous bar including grapeseed oil, castor oil and natural vitamin E to nourish, protect and moisturise all skin types.

This bar is essential oil free and this makes it a safe choice to use during pregnancy, when breastfeeding and on baby's delicate skin.

Apply daily after bathing to the entire body, avoiding sensitive areas & massage into the skin.

- Contains over 78% organic ingredients
- Preservative free.

"I love @nectarbotanicals 100% natural & made with love. This is a solid bar that you rub into your skin and it just melts in like butter, oh and the smell is so divine you will want to lick yourself 😂 I love it is enriched in Magnesium too as this helps my muscle cramps. This is the most nourishing & rejuvenating body moisture bar around! Totally in love with this product." - Juanita Heart. Organic skincare lover & reviewer, Ballina