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"I'm loving these products! Each time I try a new soap I have a new favourite. I have a sensitive nose and sensitive skin so perfumed soaps & lotions are usually off limits for me. But your products are so gently perfumed that there's no irritation & my skin is loving the natural ingredients. Just beautiful!"
- Mel

"I had the pleasure of being the test dummy for most of these products and have never used anything as nourishing and delicious! Can't wait to see what Annette comes up with next!"
- Michelle

"I'm wearing your deodorant butter's sooo good. My new favourite thing!! I've tried most of the healthy options and none of them work. I'm outside weeding and I keep smelling my deodorant when I bend down and I still smell a good way"
- Lisa

"These products are fabulous! I've been using natural oil based 'soaps' for years as I have sensitive skin. All the others available are very nice but Nectar Botanicals beats them all! These products are amazing, the soaps leave your skin feeling so smooth, the lotions & balms are so nourishing, my skin feels so soft. And the aroma! Wow! My bathroom smells wonderful! Not to mention me! "
- Sandy